Master Shigeru Kimura (10th Dan) was the creator of Shukokai Karate Style. Master Kimura passed away in 1995. He lived in New Jersey, USA, from where he travelled all around the world to instruct Shukokai Karate. Master Kimura instructed in Finland on regular basis since 1978.

The greatest achievement of Master Kimura was his strong, imperceptible, maximum strength at minimum energy based technique. Master Kimura has also developed the so called impact training
to impact pillow through which it is easy to test the impact of a punch or a kick. The technique of Master Kimura was so exceptionally strong and unnoticeable that it has inspired all his students to surpass themselves one time after an other. As a creator of Shukokai Karate Master Kimura developed a technique where the future karate generations can feel his sprit living forever.

(8th Dan, internationally known as Sensei George)

Shihan Yrjö Pursiainen started his karate career in 1970s when karate landed in Finland.
In the middle of 1970s Shihan Pursiainen was a member of the Finnish national all styles karate team.

At that time Shihan Pursiainen met the chief instructor of Great Britain, Shihan Eddie Daniels.
The strong techinique of Shihan Daniels inspired Shihan Pursiainen to meet the instructor of Shihan Daniels, Master Kimura. Shihan Pursiainen asked Shihan Daniels to introduce him to the founder of Shukokai Karate Style, Master Shigeru Kimura.

After meeting Master Kimura, Shihan Pursiainen started to practise karate under the instruction of Master Kimura. Shihan Pursiainen has visited the head quarters of Kimura Shukokai International in USA more than 50 times and trained under the instruction of Master Kimura. Master Kimura visited and taught in Finland for over 40 times.

Sensei Yrjö Pursiainen, Nordic Championships in Espoo 1980.
Sensei Yrjö Pursiainen teaching a course in Estonia in the end of 1980s. The impact pillow is held by Sensei Rene Toome, the chief instructor of Estonia.
In Japan 1994, Sensei Tani's dojo in Kobe. From left Esa Kaplas, Jouko Koskinen, Sensei Tani, Yrjö Pursiainen.
Graduation in the end of 1990s. From left Jouko Koskinen, Sensei Kimura, Yrjö Pursiainen.
The Shukokai Karatekas of Suomenniemi in the Finnish national championships in 1995. In the middle Sensei Pursiainen ja Mrs Satu Pursiainen.
World championships in Japan, 1994. The Finnish team, Satu Pursiainen, Sensei McGrath and Sensei Yrjö Pursiainen.
Summer course in Kisakallio, 1978. Sensei Kimura and Yrjö Pursiainen.
Shukokai Karate School, Suomenniemi.
The opening course at Suomenniemi Karate School in 1993.
Finnish World Championship team in 1983.
Sensei George and his World Championship medalists in Berlin 2000.
The World Championship tournament in Berlin 2000. The jury: Vladimir Panschin, Jouko Koskinen, Esa Kaplas, Sensei Pursiainen, Antti Pöllänen ja Markku Olenius.

Shihan Pursiainen has several championships from national and international karate tournaments. Shihan Pursiainen ended his competition career in the middle of 1980s and started to train on full time basis. Thanks to Shihan Pursiainen the level of the Finnish Shukokai Karete is on a high level and through his work the Finnish Shukokai Karatekas are internationally highly recpected.

Shihan Pursiainen has trained several world champions and the men's national team is among the best in the world. Shihan Pursiainen has also given help to start Shukokai Karate in Estonia and in Sweden.


The Finnish Shukokai Karate Federation was founded in in the middle of 1970's and it is the general organization of Shukokai style in Finland. The first Shukokai style karate clubs were founded in the cities of Espoo, Imatra and Lappeenranta. Today the Finnish Shukokai Karate Federation has 15 clubs in Finland, mainly in Southern and Eastern parts of Finland. Originally the Shukokai style started in the city of Espoo, where Shihan George formerly lived.

A new era began in 1993 in the Finnish Shukokai history, when Shihan George founded the Shukokai Karate School in Suomenniemi. This school acts also as the head quarters of Finnish Shukokai Karate Federation.

The Finnish Shukokai Karate Federation is well known throughout the world due to the highly respected chief instructor Shihan George and the success of Finnish Shukokai karatekas in international tournaments. The organizational skills of Finnish Shukokai Federation have been succesfully tested many times, for example Finland has arranged the World Championship tournament in 1989 and the European Championship tournament in 1997.


(Shukokai karate school)
Shihan George Pursiainen 8.dan

Sensei Jouko Koskinen 7.dan

Sensei Markku Olenius, 7.dan

Sensei Esa Kaplas 7.dan

Sensei Jari Vesterinen 7.dan

Sensei Antti Pöllänen 6.dan

Sensei Juha Vahtikari 6.dan


Sensei Päivi Kuparinen 6.dan
Guido Grönroos 2.dan

Sensei Jarmo Sakko 5.dan

Sensei Kari Aalto, 5.dan

Sensei Jouni Hirvonen 4.dan


Jukka Tuhkanen 3.dan

(operates under Suomenniemi)

(operates under Lappeenranta)

(operates under Kotka)

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