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***Please read the user manual first***

Registration system ’Registro’ - User Manual

Registro is a centralised system, via which each country manager (or representative) will register his/her team for the competition.

With Registro the team manager can feed in, modify and monitor the information of his/her own team members, including the competition itself and the events. The data from Registro will automatically be transferred to SET result service software – thus, please make sure that the all details are correctly fed in!

Creating the account

Each country manager/representative will be granted access to Registro service. Instructions about how to login to Registro will be sent to the country representative by e-mail (see below, 1). By using the link provided in the e-mail, the country representative will be able to activate his/her account (see below, 2) by creating a unique username and password (see below, 3). Creating the account will be completed by pressing ‘save’ after providing the username and password (see below, 3).




Forgot your password?

Should it happen that you forget your username and/or password to Registro, click on ‘Forgot your username or password?’-link (see below, 4), provide the e-mail address that you have given to the system manager (see below, 5) and click ‘submit’. In a while a ‘reset’-link will be sent to your e-mail and you will be able to define a new username or password for yourself (see below, 6).  



Using the system

After logging into the system you can fill in the data and browse it later, including your team members (see below, 7) and your user account (my profile, 8).



Feeding in data

For feeding in new team members, click ”Create new”.

You will then see the screen below – please fill in carefully!

Section ”Details”: fill in the previous seeding and category if the competitor has scored among the eight best (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5-8) in the last international KSI competition. Also fill in the team if the contestant participates a team category.

Please note that “Details” will cover two types of information: the competitor’s individual seeding and role in team categories.

Section “Role(s)”: Choose from Coach, Manager, Team Support, Competitor, Referee, Spectator, Medical team (if your team has any), Staff (only for Finns)

Below you will see an example of Jaakko Jahnukainen, a competitor who participates in:
Kumite individual veteran male over 50 y, Kata veteran male over 40 y, Gasshuku, Welcome dinner and Transport.

You can always review and modify the data later by clicking the line of the person whose data you want to modify. Click OK to save the changes!

You can remove the person´s data by clicking ”Delete” and OK (see below).

You can export the data to Excel by clicking “Excel export”. The data can be exported according to “Events” or “Roles” (See below).

Excel printout:

Feeding in data for team categories, see the example below

Participation into the team categories are given simultaneously to all other information given for the individual.

Open the individuals data and tick ALL categories where he/she participates, including individual and team categories. In addition, in section “Details”, fill in the name of the team eg. “Kumite Men team A”. If the competitor participates in several team events, list all.

In the example below, Marwin Hagler participates in two team events, “Kumite men team A” and in “Teamkata seniors B”. He does NOT participate in individual categories, as there are no “ticks” in those boxes.

When the data is transferred to Excel, it will clearly show the name of the team and category where Marwin participates (see below).


>> Link to the Registro (REGISTRATION)

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