Instructions for booking the hotel rooms for KSI Open Europeans 2013

The homebase hotel and center of events will be SOKOS Hotel Vantaa, where we have reserved a number of rooms for 8th - 12th of May 2013.

  1. SOKOS Hotel Vantaa (Hertaksentie 2, 01390 Vantaa >> link to map)
    Primary choice, homebase with accommodation of Shihans.
  2. Trio Sport center Hotel Tikkurila (Lantinen Valkoisenlahteentie 52, 10390 Vantaa >> link to map) Economy option, located at the sports hall building, modest, hostel-like, in walking distance from the homebase hotel.

Bus transportation: from the airport to the hotels and back, one bus shuttling.
In the mornings and evenings, a bus shuttles between the hotel and the sports hall.

Questions to: jaana.vesterinen (at)

How to make a reservation in SOKOS Hotel Vantaa?

  • One reservation per country (maximum two for the large teams)
  • Send a reservation by e-mail to (at), and cc your reservation to jaana.vesterinen (at)
  • remember to mention “SHUKOKAI EM-KARATE” code, as this opens the group reservation possibility also to smaller teams. (Swizerland please mention also: “Swiss team”)
  • define the type of room you want to reserve
Room type Price /room/night
Single room 92  eur
Double room 102 eur
Superior single room 112 eur
Superior double room 122 eur

The rates include a nice buffet breakfast and a common sauna.  Everyone will pay their own accommodation.

Please make your reservations as soon as possible, our quota will start to be released at the end of February!!! If you miss this reservation, you are not likely to get any room in any hotel, as the Ice Hockey World Championships in Helsinki take place at the same time as our tournament!

Reservations in Trio Sport Hotel Tikkurila

Reservations by telephone or e-mail.  Phone: (+358) (0) 9 838 400 / (+358) (0) 9 839 28050
E-mail: hostel (at), and cc your reservation to jaana.vesterinen (at) Mention Shukokai karate. Room rates: from 61 eur/night for a single room to 176 eur/night for a room for 8 persons. The rates include a breakfast.

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